The National September 11 Memorial Museum opens to the public this Wednesday, May 21st. It's an important place of remembrance for the thousands of innocent people killed that infamous day in 2001. It also has a gift shop full of tasteless kitsch.

The purpose of the 9/11 museum shop is to raise money for the institution, which is certainly a noble goal. But many of the items there in come across as gross, callous consumer opportunism. It's not just tacky—it's offensive. Here's just a handful of the items therein that will make your stomach churn.

German Shepherd Search & Rescue Dog ($20)

9/11 Memorial Logo Charm ($65)

Survivor Tree Mousepad ($15)

Mug—Paul Jr. Designs Bike ($12)

Water Bottle—Nalgene 9/11 HR ($21)

Engraved Rectangular Sterling Silver Necklace ($70)

Buttons—Tribute to the Dogs of 9/11 ($9)

Darkness Hoodie ($39)