Graphing calculator screens have always been behind the times. Even years ago, before smartphones, graphing calculator screens weren't nearly has good as their portable gaming counterparts. Now it seems an old favorite, the TI-84, is finally, finally getting an upgrade to color. Why? Why not.

According to Tech Powered Math the new TI-84+ C Silver Edition will boast a screen with more than two colors. What good is that when you're graphing quadratic equations? Beats me. But when you're pretending to pay attention and playing Phoenix instead, it could be pretty righteous. This is all a little bit strange considering that the Windows and OSX compatible TI-Nspire, which launched with a color screen, has started eating the TI-84's lunch. Why TI is stepping back to revamp that older model is anybody's guess.


Do you really need a graphic calculator with a color screen? Probably not. Is a color screen a neat upgrade to a piece of legacy tech that's been languishing while the world around it speeds by? Sure. Hopefully there'll be an accompanying boom in calculator game development to take advantage of those sweet new graphics. [Tech Powered Math via Ars Technica]