When it comes to action figures, few toymakers can match the level of detail that Hot Toys puts into its sixth-scale collectibles. So it’s no surprise that when the company creates a Star Wars diorama for those figures, it ends up being a monstrous sight to behold.

We’ve seen Hot Toys’ gigantic 18-feet long Millennium Falcon before (at the Ani-Com and Games convention in Hong Kong back in July) but here it’s paired with a matching sixth-scale First Order Transporter and more Stormtroopers than even a well-funded collector could ever hope to afford.

If you want to check out Hot Toys’ sixth-scale The Force Awakens diorama for yourself, you’ll just need to head on over to Times Square—but not in New York. Unfortunately this Times Square—the Times Square Grand Exhibition— is in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. So maybe you’re just better off checking out all the wonderful photos of the exhibit included below. [Facebook - Hot Toys via Geek Tyrant]

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