The Tip Box Is Back: Give Us Your Dirt

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It's been way too long. Our tips hotline has been sitting cold, neglected, mostly forgotten. Screw that—we're online, and we want to hear everything you've got. And we mean everything.


The old tip email address is gone—completely overrun by spam and PR trash. Forget about it. The new place to give us the scoop on whatever nuggets you've got is:

Tip box at Gizmodo dot com. Have you noticed a strange bug with your phone that you think deserves attention? Tip us. Did you hear a juicy rumor about the next ___________? Tip us. Did you see something totally insane on your way home from work? Take a picture with your phone and tip us. Are you having an affair with the CEO of ________? Tip us. Tip us, tip us, tip us. Spill your guts, blow your whistle. The more goods you hand us, the better we can make Gizmodo—it's a fun trade! And we'll be scanning it daily.


Got something on your hands that you're afraid might get you in trouble? Don't sweat it. Refer to this handy Guide to Leaking to Gawker Without (Hopefully) Getting Caught. Our new comment system also makes anonymous chiming-in a cinch.

If you'd rather contact one of us individually, our personal emails are also available at the masthead.

And of course, let's not forget: if you've got something really good, we'll make it worth your while. Promise.


Two important notes:

This isn't the place to send bug reports/general problems with the site. If you're having trouble with Gizmodo—we're sorry! Hit up the Gawker Help Desk and good people will get back to you ASAP.


If you work for a PR firm, this is not for you. Do not send emails to the tip box. PR pitches are not tips. If you start spamming us, you will be blocked into the Gizmodo hatred abyss for all eternity. Thanks!

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Here's a tip: there's a Firefox add-on that replaces the two column comment system with the normal column system - and it works like a charm.