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The Titan: Handmade Indestructible USB Tankdrive

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Russian space program didn't die, it was redirected to USB flash drive making. The Titan USB flash drive is constructed from a graphite/aluminum composite metal matrix that has "traditionally been used by NASA and other space agencies". This matrix is then covered in titanium to avoid corrosion, and generally help with the entire badass geek motif.

The result is a waterproof, anti-shock, and anti-static drive that can withstand 2,000lbs of pressure. The 1GB model costs $197 and the 2GB runs $247, which is less expensive when you consider it's a (semi) handmade product that is limited to 100 units produced.


By creator Slava Tyukalov, who brought us this cool mouse. Hit the jump for a video of an SUV plowing the Titan.


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