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The Tokyo Institute of Technology's New Innovation Building Is Entirely Covered in Solar Panels

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Tokyo Institute of Technology, largely considered Japan's most prestigious university, has unveiled on its campus an impressive new building that is almost self-sustaining in its power use. The Environment and Energy Innovation Building in Meguro Ward features solar panels all along its exterior facade and on its roof––4,500 panels in all, with a total capacity of 650 kilowatts, plus another 100 kilowatts of fuel cells!

But what does this mean, you ask? What it means is, the seven-story tall structure (which has an additional two basement levels below ground) uses half the power of a "normal", non-green building of the same size.


So, as soon as we outfit the all rest of Earth's structures similarly, we'll be good to go! [The Asahi Shimbun via Far East Gizmos]