The Tom Cruise, Helio Connection

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Tom Cruise, the Myspace user? You better believe it. Cruise, king of all thing Scientologific, is also a pretty big Helio fan. He was the first user of the Helio Myspace phone. He was also involved with the shooting of the first two Helio commercial and rumor has it that he had some odd demands on set. According to Gearlog, Cruise demanded $1,000 worth of sushi and then bailed on the filming and the sushi, allowing it be consumed by the Helio filming staff.

In related batshit Tom Cruise rumors, word around the block is that our little scientologist has gotten bored with his absurd religion and has invested in a hip wireless carrier. There are only three words to describe Cruise and his crazy antics. What. The. Fuck.


Does Helio Have Tom Cruise's Money? [Gearlog]

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