The Top 5 Android Developer Challenge Round 1 Winners

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Round 1 of the Android Developer Challenge has come to a close and 46 of the 50 winners have been made public (the remaining four opted not to disclose their work). For your convenience, we dug through the winners and picked five of the apps we think might be in the mix for that sweet $275,000 prize in the final round.

Android Scan discovers pricing and metadata for any product with a barcode. After a code is scanned automatically into the phone using the camera, you can get images of CDs, DVDs or book covers along with detailed reviews on Amazon. It will also display a list of stores nearby that offer the product, links to online storefronts, online music sample tracks and local library searches. [Android Scan]

Breadcrumbz Allows users to navigate and record a route using images instead of a map. The goal is to develop a community around the app where users can share geo-content. [Breadcrumbz]


Pocket Journey "connects your location to the voices of a global community of artists, historians, architects, musicians, comedians and others so you can quickly know everything about anywhere." The app will rely on a community to provide in-depth information about a particular area for tourists or locals looking to explore. [Pocket Journey]

GolfPlay may be more of a niche offering, but it is a big niche, and if you have ever played the game you know that any help you can get is more than welcome. The app is intended to offer golfers support for real-time necessities like GPS locations, game statistics and weather information. [GolfPlay]


Commandro is an elaborate social networking app that allows users to communicate with a network of friends and coordinate and plan activities. [Commandro]


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