Details on Android's $10 Million Bounty For Your Homebrew Apps

You might have heard, Google's offering $10 million in total prizes for savvy programmers willing and able to make kickass apps for the Android platform. Why so much when other dev communities are getting into the groove for free? A Google rep told me, "We wanted to provide a big enough pool to reward and recognize as many developers who do interesting things as we could." How's that for appreciation? Here's a summary of the Android Developer Challenge.


•Programs, built by using Android's SDK, can be submitted January 2nd through March 3rd 2008.
•The top 50 programs earn $25K to continue development.
•Those in the top 50 are entered into a final round where ten $275k prizes and ten $100k prizes will be awarded.
•A second round of the contest starts in the second half of the year, when handsets running Android launch.
•"We believe that developers will be drawn to, and flourish in, the open and collaborative environment offered by the Android platform. The Android Developer Challenge is designed simply to catalyze that reaction."

Pay people decent money to do decent work. Who would have thought of that? [Android]

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Unless you're a developer, now we wait. But Android seems to have pretty cool potential to me, so I wait with contentment.

Basically Google took a long at the mobile computing space and realized we were in the age of the Apple ][, Commodore 64 and IBM PC, and said "Whoa, it would really suck if Microsoft came along and monopolized this just like they did PC's; lets get Linux off on the right foot this time and make sure it wins the market share it deserves (and we/Google can win the Search market share we desire, without having to go through a gatekeeper like Microsoft or Verizon)."

And all of the mobile hardware maker were like "Sweet idea. This way we can innovate at the hardware level, without being boring beige boxes, or be Microsoft's bitch like Dell is."

And Apple was like "Shit."