The Trillion Dollar F-35 Is Grounded Yet Again

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In what is becoming almost as consistent as the sun rising in the east and setting in the west, the F-35—America's trillion dollar joke of a fighter jet—has been grounded again. I don't even know how many times the fighter jet has been grounded now, I've lost count. This time, it's because of a crack in a turbine blade of the engine.


According to the Department of Defense, all F-35s in the Air Force, Navy and Marines have been grounded after an engine inspection revealed the crack on the engine blade.

Inspectors found the crack in an F135 engine installed in an F-35A Lightning II aircraft at Edwards Air Force Base, Calif. This is the conventional take-off and landing version of the joint strike fighter.

The Air Force has shipped the cracked engine to Pratt & Whitney's engine facility (it makes the engines) in Connecticut for further evaluation. It's supposed to be only a precautionary measure but it's yet another embarrassing failure for the F-35. Whether it's parachutes being loaded the wrong way or power systems affecting the temperature or software bugging out in simulations, there's always something going wrong with these planes. Maybe some things just aren't meant to be.


Okay, lets take a step back a moment. It is not a crack in the blade of the F-35's engine. It is a crack in one of the blades in the turbine of the F-35. Giz, I have been reading and following your website for years, and you really need to get a clue when writing articles about some things. While yes, this is another setback, Pratt and Whitney designed the motor on this plane and I am just guessing that they manufacture the blades but may not be manufacturing them. They did not design the plane itself and have not been the cause of all of the setbacks on this plane. How about taking an objective look at what is going on.

And please for God's sake do not let Obama get his greasy hands on this or it will never work and still draw a paycheck. Damn I am tired of hearing about how Obama is going to fix everything.

Our country is in so much better shape since he has taken office huh? Morons...