The Truth About Google

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From Indexed, one of my favorite sites on the web. It's funny because it's true. [indexed]


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What are you talking about this card is so wrong google knows nothing about. well maybe 10 things

10 Secrets Google know about me.

10) all the phone numbers and email address of the people I care about.

9) where my grandma lives

8) I play Final fantay 11

7) I have a thing for Geek girls

6) I have a thing for goth girls

5) Have a thing for japanese girls

4) Planing to go to japan

3) I am looking for a know job

2) I like Anime loli Wallpapers

1) I have seen 2girls 1 cup

But other then that they know none of my secrets. Not like I have looked up "how to hide a body" with out using a proxy site 1st.