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The TSA Has Finally Removed All of Its Naked Full-Body Scanners

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The TSA has announced that the "naked image" full-body scanners at airports that have caused so much controversy are no more. The scanners have been removed from all of America's airports. Replacing it are machines that show 'generic images' of the human body.

TSA Administrator John Pistole wrote in a letter to the Homeland Security panel:

“As of May 16, 2013, all [Advanced Imaging Technology scanners] are equipped with ATR [Automated Target Recognition] capability. Additionally, TSA’s procurement of next generation AIT requires ATR capability.”


ATR capability means the images captured in the scanners will now be plain and generic. Basically, the ATR feature will mask the specifics of an individuals body, preventing embarrassing moments for the general public (hopefully).

Previously, the TSA had ended its contract with OSI Systems—the original company who made the notorious naked scanners—because OSI Systems could not develop the software to make the scanners less, well, naked. Now, when you go to an airport, you can go with the peace of mind that TSA agents aren't peeping at you naked (though they can still grope you all they want). [The Hill, NBC News]