The TSA Is On the Lookout For Electronics That Won't Turn On

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The Transportation Security Administration, our wand-waving friends on the other side of the airport security line, have a new target: cellphones and other electronics that won't power up. At certain airports, if your device won't turn on, it—and maybe you—won't get on that plane.


Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said the new screening measure will be put in place at certain foreign airports with U.S.-bound direct flights, though the agency wouldn't say which airports are part of the program. In the affected airports, devices that won't turn on will be confiscated, and passengers may be diverted for "additional questioning." The AP mentions that American intelligence officials have been worried about terrorists finding new ways to bring explosives onto airplanes undetected.

In other words: now, in addition to making sure you're not wearing a belt, your toiletries are under 3 ounces, anything remotely liquid-like is in a 1-quart baggie, un-holstering your Woody doll's gun, and leaving your pistol high heels at home, you've got to make sure your phone, laptop, or tablet is charged up enough to power-up for the friendly TSA agent. Suddenly, taking the bus sounds a bit more alluring. [AP]


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Gladius Primus

TSA: Sir, please power on your phone.

ISIS: OK, It's powered on... see, the countdown timer app is working.

TSA: OK, enjoy your flight.