The Two-Beverage Water Bottle: Scotch or Whiskey? Scotch and Whiskey!

Illustration for article titled The Two-Beverage Water Bottle: Scotch or Whiskey? Scotch and Whiskey!

Maybe when I take long walks through my neighborhood I want more than one beverage to quench my mighty thirst. As thirsty fellow, I'm excited to learn that soon I will no longer have to choose between beverages again. We are living in a two-drink minimum future people.


The $17.50 HydraDuo water bottle features two beverage chambers than can be accessed individually or at the same time from the lid. Unfortunately, it looks like drinking from both containers at once is a recipe for a mess. So if you decide to take the inventor's advice and fill it with rum and Coke, you're better off drinking them individually and mixing the drink in your mouth.

Oh, you could probably put water and some sort of sports drink in there too. You know, if you're into that sort of thing. The HydraDuo is currently available for Quirky pre-order, but it looks like it'll hit production status soon. [Quirky via TreeHugger]



God damn it Gizmodo... Scotch is whisky, as is Irish whisky as is bourbon as is rye whiskey as is Japanese "scotch" as is - shudder - Canadian whiskey...

If you take a fermented grain mash, distill it, and age it in wooden barrels, it IS WHISKEY (or whisky). Get that? Made from grain and aged in wood - that's it. Stop saying "Scotch and Whiskey," it makes you look like an idiot.