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The Ultimate Box Cutter From Japan

Illustration for article titled The Ultimate Box Cutter From Japan

Hey dudes, Jason here. I'm back after a week of nonstop eating, sleeping, and general debauchery in lands East of here. Not only have I brought back about 10 pounds worth of food in the form of an even larger gut than before, I've also brought back some neat Asian gadgets. Here's one.


This Japanese box cutter, as you can see, is unlike the retractable ones we have here. Instead, it's like a knife with serrated edges that can tear through cardboard with a sawing motion just as easily as it goes through tape and other packing material. There's even a convenient sheath so you don't "accidentally" shiv your wife (or yourself) in the face when it's not in use.

Not sure where you can find this online, but had I known these were so good I would have bought more than one.

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I'd like to nominate this post for the "most useful links" competition, specifically those tags in the first paragraph.

"Asian" links to this post and Chen's interview.

"Gadgets" links to just about every post on Gizmodeau.

Keep up the good work!