The Ultimate Guide to Fall 2011's Science Fiction and Fantasy TV

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It's almost time for the fall TV season! What are the hottest new science fiction shows coming out next season? What's coming back? And what events can you not afford to miss?


We've compiled the best of the best of 2011's Fall TV. So start setting your DVRs.

Doctor Who
It's going to be fairly hard to top Doctor Who's last cliffhanger, but now that we all know some family secrets, perhaps it will make this new year even more interesting. And are they really going to kill Hitler?
Where: BBC America
When: August 27th

Venture Brothers Special
While there's no new season launch date announced yet, but they're currently in production — so we'll have to make do with the excellent behind-the-scenes look at everyone's favorite prom band in this amazing special, "From the Ladle to the Grave: The Story of Shallow Gravy." Here's just a quick glimpse at Shallow Gravy's excellent last gig on VB.
Where: Cartoon Network
When: Sunday, August 28th at Midnight

Dark Matters: Twisted But True
Fringe's John Noble takes us on a dark and perilous journey into the mysteries of science. What would happen if a woman had sex with a monkey, are zombies real, and can head transplants really happen? Find out these interesting/disturbing tidbits and more, with our brand new extra-creepy Mr. Wizard.
Where: Science Channel
When: Wednesday, August 31st

The Secret Circle
A gaggle of witches take a new baby wiccan into their "secret circle." It's like Twilight, only with witches.
Where: CW
When: Thursday, Sept. 15th

The Vampire Diaries
Now that there are two identical sexy brunettes pouting over the hot vampire brothers, why are people still fighting? And what of this new werewolf/vampire hybrid species? Can't everyone just hook up with Klaus the hybrid, and be happy? Apparently no. Ah well, brace yourself — this could be getting ugly.
Where: CW
When: Thursday, September 15th

Supposedly there will be 16 more new episodes of Archer in the third season. Three episodes are supposed to start airing on September 15, and the rest will air in the new year (that blows, we know). Since we can't find any new promos for the third season, we leave you with the Archer Comic Con panel from July where the cast and crew talk about the new season.
Where: FX
When: Thursday, September 15th

Star Wars: Clone Wars
War is hell on the new Clone Wars series, and everyone is involved this season. Watch Admiral Ackbar kick a little underwater ass, and the slow but inevitable turn to darkness of Anakin Skywalker.
Where: Cartoon Network
When: Friday, September 16th

After last season's cliff-hanger we're not sure what to think. Surely they won't kill of the main character and Nathan Fillion's secret (well not so secret now) love interest. Right... right?
Where: ABC
When: Mondays September 19th

Charlie's Angels
Hot chicks doing flips and fighting evil. We'll give you one episode, Charlie's Angels, to dazzle us with your costumes.
Where: ABC
When: Thursday, Sept. 22nd

Person of Interest
Ben Linus and Jesus Christ team up to fight crime, using an amazing supercomputer that can predict the future.
Where: CBS
When: Thursday, Sept. 22nd

In the show's seventh season, the Winchesters face an evil so tremendous, there's no lore about it. Good thing they've got their angel buddy Castiel to call on... wait, what? Oh, crap.
Where: CW
When: Friday, Sept. 23rd

A Gifted Man
A man sees the ghost of his dead ex-wife everywhere. Feels really bad that she's dead. Starts becoming a better person by carrying out her ghostly demands. Ends up in a mental hospital for talking to an imaginary person (we're guessing on that last part).
Where: CBS
When: Friday, Sept. 23rd.

Now that Peter Bishop has forever altered the dual worlds, what's next? And why are all the Observers staked out at the Statue of Liberty? Do they know something we don't? (Yes).
Where: Fox
When: Friday, September 23rd

Terra Nova
A family escapes the horrible polluted future into the past, with dinosaurs. Together they work on becoming a better family and finding the cure for humanity's future polluting ways. Also, they forever alter the timeline of the world, so who knows maybe in their future we all have a third baby arm growing out of our foreheads. Did we mention there were dinosaurs in this past?
Where: Fox
When: Monday, Sept. 26th

American Horror Story
All we know about this disturbing show from the creators of Glee is that it stars Connie Britton and Dylan McDermott. The rest if a collection of creepy clues and videos. The last clue we saw had what appeared to be a pregnant woman wrapped in pleather. We have no idea what this show is about, but we're ready to find out more.
Where: FX
When: Wednesday, Oct. 5th

The Walking Dead
With all the drama surrounding the second season of Walking Dead, AMC had better hope that this year sets as many records as the premiere season. Honestly, we have no idea where this series will go after the post apocalypse survivors blew up the CDC, it's really anyone's guess. One thing we know for sure is, there will be zombies.
Where: AMC
When: Sunday, October 16th

One man discovers he's part of a long lineage of fairy-tale cops. No shit. This show then becomes a fairy-tale police procedural. From the makers of Angel.
Where: NBC
When: Friday, Oct. 21st

Morgan gets Chuck's powers, while Chuck... goes on a business trip?
Where: NBC
When: Friday, Oct. 21

Once Upon a Time
Possibly the most interesting of the new fairy tale shows. All the magical folk from fairytale-land were banished by the Evil Queen (no, really) to Earth (where everything sucks). There they sit waiting for their savior who will fight the Evil Queen and reunite them all with their magical land. But here's the catch, none of them remember their storybook past.
Where: ABC
When: Sunday, Oct. 23

Additional reporting from Jonathan Wilkins.



Things I will watch: Dr. Who, The Vampire Diaries, The Walking Dead

Things I will get around to watching from the beginning, one of these days: Castle

Things I will watch long enough to be sad when they're cancelled: Grimm, Once Upon a Time

Things I wouldn't watch if you paid me: Terra Nova

Things I didn't realize were fantasy/sci fi: Charlie's Angels