The Ultimate Guide to this Fall's Science Fiction and Fantasy TV!

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This is truly the fall of comic book TV heaven. Gotham, The Flash, Constantine and Arrow dominate the Fall TV line-up, nut there's still plenty of room for new zombie shows and supernatural hoo-haw. Here it is the ultimate list of Fall TV for 2014.


The asterisk (*) notes a new series premiere.


Outlander (Already Premiered, Starz)*

Ron D. Moore's return to television. Based on the books by Diana Gabaldon, Outlander follows a World War II nurse who has tumbled back into 18th Century Scotland.

BoJack Horseman (Aug. 22, Netflix)*

Netflix's new animated series starring the voice of Will Arnett as BoJack Horseman, a beloved sitcom star who is now a washed-up Hollywood hanger on.

Doctor Who (Aug. 23, BBC One)

Your chance to imprint with the new Doctor Peter Capaldi is almost here. How will the world respond to this new, reportedly more intense, Doctor? What of his companion, Clara Oswald? And why are there dinosaurs running all around England?

Intruders (Aug. 23, BBC America)*

The weirdest new show of 2014, hands down. We think The Intruders is about an ancient alien race or cult that can live forever by possessing human bodies, but there's also an intricate system of numbers and a code based on random objects and identifiers. It's all very confusing but also creepy as hell when Mira Sorvino starts going full pod people. The cast is also pretty stellar, including John Simm (Life on Mars, Doctor Who) Sorvino, James Frain (True Blood) and Tory Kittles (True Detective).


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Houdini (Sept. 1, History Channel)*

Adrian Brody slips on a singlet and a whole lot of chains to recreate Harry Houdini's rise to fame in the History Channel's miniseries.


Utopia (Sept. 7th, Fox)*

A reality TV series where a group of strangers are put together and tasked with building their own Utopia. And of course everyone fights about money and whether or not there should be a religion, etc.


Haven (Sept. 11, Syfy)

The spooky little town of Haven is back and ready to solve supernatural mysteries.

Z Nation (Sept. 12, Syfy)*

Syfy's zombie series will follow a band of survivors as they attempt to escort "the cure" across the zombie-filled land of America. Here's the official synopsis: "three years have passed since the zombie virus has gutted the country, and a team of everyday heroes must transport the only known survivor of the plague from New York to California, where the last functioning viral lab waits for his blood. Although the antibodies he carries are the world's last, best hope for a vaccine, he hides a dark secret that threatens them all. With humankind's survival at stake, the ragtag band embarks on a journey of survival across three thousand miles of rusted-out post-apocalyptic America." P.S., there's a zombie baby in the trailer.

Tim & Eric's Bedtime Stories (Sept.18, Adult Swim) *

Tim Heidecker & Eric Wareheim are the best thing to ever happen to television, ever, and they are back with their Twilight Zone-esqueseries Tim & Eric's Bedtime Stories. I have absolutely no idea what to expect, but if last year's Halloween Special (posted above) was any indication we're in for good times.

Mr. Pickles (Sept. 21, Adult Swim)*

Holy hell, this show. Mr. Pickles is about a border collie, named Mr. Pickles who is also a possessed hellhound that does very bad things. Very bad things. This show is not for children, but if you're into murderous dogs who walk on the severed legs of their victims as stilts, then the above pilot is for you.

Gotham (Sept. 22, Fox)*

Set before Bruce Wayne becomes Batman, Gotham zooms in on the life of new Gotham city street cop Jim Gordon and a street of baby villains that will all grow up to one day become bigger problems for Batman.

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Sleepy Hollow (Sept. 22, Fox)

What will happen to our dear, sweet Ichabod? Last we saw he was being imprisoned in a coffin, presumably forever. Plus, Abbie is stuck in purgatory! Jenny might be dead! All of our favorite characters are in peril! It's very, very cruel to leave us hanging that way Sleepy Hollow. But thanks to some excellent concept art from Entertainment Weekly, we now have an idea of where this series is going to go, or at least what monsters we may be seeing soon.


Forever (Sept. 22, ABC)*

This show is about an immortal medical examiner who works with the New York police to solve crimes. No, really.


Marvel's Agents of SHIELD (Sept. 23, ABC)

After the whole big "Hail Hydra" reveal, how will everyone's favorite Marvel TV team piece itself back together?


Person of Interest (Sept. 23, CBS)

Person of Interest is almost an entirely new show! They've got secret identities, they're doing heroics in secret — are they superheroes now? How long can they sustain this thing where there's a "big brother" computer watching everyone and everything — doesn't that just put an end to civilization as we know it? Is Samaritan going to develop a conscience eventually? Answer our questions, PoI!!!!


South Park (Sept. 24, Comedy Central)

Ok South Park wish list, go. If you could pick one current topic, trend or fashionable-thing-to-do for the new season of South Park to skewer, what would it be?

Once Upon A Time (Sept. 28, ABC)

The fairy tale badasses are back, but how will the latest addition of the Snow Queen (Elsa from Frozen) change the world of Stroybrooke? Will it change anything at all? Specifically, will Hook change his clothes, ever? I guess we'll have to wait and see.


Resurrection (Sept. 28, ABC)

The promo is threatening that more of the resurrected are coming, but who? And what does that mean?



The Vampire Diaries (Oct. 2, The CW)

Apparently this year The Vampire Diaries won't try topping the big bads we've seen over the past five seasons. Instead, the producers promise a "scaled-back" villain, with the season rooted in personal drama. And after the tragedies that came with this season's finale, Elena will be developing a "coping mechanism," which sounds like it might not be terribly healthy.


The Originals (Oct. 6, The CW)

What will happen now that the newly empowered werewolves are controlling New Orleans? The Originals returns with a new status quo, new weaknesses for Klaus, and a handful of new cast members, including Devious Maids' Colin Woodell and Teen Wolf's Daniel Sharman.

The Flash (Oct. 7, The CW)*

Barry Allen get's his own spin-off series from Arrow all about the Flash, and we couldn't be more excited.


Supernatural (Oct. 7, The CW)

At the start of Supernatural's tenth(!) season, Dean is now a demon, with a twisted soul rather than merely possessed. We've been promised that even though this version of Dean is corrupted, he's actually a bit lighter than the angst-ridden Dean we saw last season. But how will the brothers' relationship play out now?


Arrow (Oct. 8, The CW)

Season 3 sees the addition of Brandon Routh as Ray "The Atom" Palmer and major Batman baddie Ra's Al Ghul as the season's big bad. But most importantly, can Ollie and Felicity survive their first date?


The Walking Dead (Oct. 12, AMC)

After the big cliff hanging Terminus episode from last season, we're not sure what's next for the remaining Walking Dead survivors, but we have a inkling it will get bloody, as it always tends to do on this series. Plus the introduction of Abraham and friends seems to imply heavily that the comic book's journey to Washington D.C. might take up a lot of time this season.


The 100 (Oct. 22, The CW)

What about that huge season finale twist? What does that mean for our hero? Where are the rest of the 100? What about the adults? What about the "grounders," who are these creepy mountain men and their awesome quarantine chamber?. So many questions, so few answers. Can't wait to see what happens next!


Grimm (Oct. 24, NBC)

Nick's lost his Grimm powers thanks to the machinations of Adalind, the FBI wants to know what happened to their missing FBI agent, and Captain Renard has been shot several times and left for dead. But at least fan-favorite Sergant Wu has found Nick's Grimm books. Could he finally become a full-fledged member of the team?

Constantine (Oct. 24, NBC)*

DC's big comic book series has the unfortunate Friday night placement, but we're not sure that's going to set this demon-fighting hero back. Centered around the comic book hero Constantine, get swept up into a world of angels and demons and the man who sends all the baddies to hell.

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American Horror Story: Freaks (October Date TBA, FX)

Set in the very last freak show in America (located in Jupiter Florida) AHS welcomes back it's gigantic cast of acting glamoratti including Angela Bassett, Sarah Paulson, Michael Chiklis, Kathy Bates, Evan Peters and (of course) Jessica Lange. Above is a picture of Sarah Paulson's character (taken from Ryan Murphy's twitter account).


Star Wars Rebels (October Date TBA, Disney XD)*

We were sad to see Clone Wars go, but we're curious to see what comes out of Star Wars Rebels. Spanning the time between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, Rebels follows a rag-tag band of anti-Imperialists — including a renegade Jedi — as they try to survive in the galaxy while sticking it to the Emperor.



Ascension (Nov. 24, Syfy)*

Syfy's new "Upstairs/Downstairs in a spaceship" series Ascension takes place in a living time capsule. Rocketed from Earth in 1963, 600 men, women and children were sent into space search of a new home. Now in the year 2014, things aboard the starship have altered. Some folks are happy with their mission, and others just want to turn this whole thing around. All our hopes and dreams for Syfy's new drama expectations are wrapped into this show, so let's hope it's good.

Over The Garden Wall (Sometime This Fall, Cartoon Network)*

We're very, very excited about the te10n-episode miniseries Over the Garden Wall. It was created by Pat McHale (Adventure Time) and follows two brothers, Wirt and Greg, who get lost in a world and run into various clans and characters (including vegetable people). It all sounds very wild and wonderful. And the behind-the-scenes look they showed at Comic-Con is gorgeous. Fingers crossed for this one.




I still want to know the idiot was who thought that putting Gotham up against Monday Night Football and WWE Raw is a good idea.