When it comes to furniture design, finding a way to simultaneously maximize functionality and minimize size is all the rage these days. The "Unit" concept from Philippe Malouin falls neatly into that category with a design that combines a kitchen, table, refrigerator and a bathtub all-in-one. Not much information exists about the Unit, but it appears that the fridge would be located in the cabinet on the left while the bathtub doubles as a sink.


Ok, I realize that saving space is an issue for many urban dwellers, but there is something that is just not right about making dinner right next to the place where you scrub your junk. And there is definitely something wrong with making dinner while your freaky twin stares at you bare-assed in the tub. For those reasons and more, I wouldn't expect this idea to hit the market anytime soon.[Philippe Malouin via Likecool]