The Week's Best iPad Apps

My Daily Clip: My Daily Clip for iPad lets you watch a different movie clip every single day. When you fire up the app, you'll see a timeline of clips that correspond to each specific day. What's nice about the app is that previous day's clips are playable too, so you get a huge backlog of movie clips to go through. Also, each clip comes with a trivia question to test your Ebert-in-training skills.


PhotoSync: A wireless photo syncing app that drops photos to and fro your iPad, iPhone or computer without any cables whatsoever. For example, let's say you start with your iPhone, the app displays the images in your camera roll in a grid format and you just start checking off the images you want to bring over to your computer (alternatively, you can sync all). Once you're finished picking your pics, you hit the red sync button in the corner, select your computer and your pictures will pop into either a folder, iPhoto or Aperture (whichever you pick). If you want to bring your iPhone pictures to your iPad instead of your computer, you just select iPad instead of your computer after hitting the red sync icon. Worth every penny. $2.

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP: S:S&S EP is a super unique iPad game that is one part 8-bit graphics, one part original music, one part adventure, and one part RPG. It all combines into a game that's essentially about exploring. The game gives you that childlike wonderment of discovering a new world—you're tapping, learning, walking and occasionally fighting. They recommend wearing headphones when playing the game and we wholeheartedly agree, the sound is amazing and crucial to the experience. Head to Kotaku for a video on S:S&S EP's gameplay and buy the game to really experience what everyone who has an iPad will be talking about. $5


VIZ Manga Comic Reader: The VIZ Manga app for the iPad has been out since November, but they're currently having an introductory sale on all Vol. 1s (first issue in all their series) for $1. Jason says:

On the iPad 2, page transitions are smooth and dialogue bubble text is readable—an important consideration for any comic app.

And prices are pretty decent! For example, Amazon has hardcopy Naruto volumes for $8, but they're just $5 on VIZ's app. Still somewhat pricey if you're going to go on a reading binge, but there aren't a lot of other outlets (other than quasi-legal/probably illegal fan translations that you can find online) for Japanese manga.


App is free, issues cost 5 bucks.


LogMeIn Ignition: LogMeIn Ignition is really good on the iPad 2. Jason says:

The most visible changes are the upgraded UI, file transfer and the Wake-On-Lan feature, which lets you power up a computer that's off from anywhere in the world. Pretty awesome that you don't have to waste electricity keeping your home machine on just so that you can access some files from the road.


Much more pleasurable to use. Thirty dollaz though.

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