The Weirdest, Zaniest Patent from Apple

I don't know what the hell is that powder that Apple chefs are using at the cafeteria, but it's working. Their latest patent is definitive proof that mixing psychedelic drugs and top banana technology research works: Enjoy... the sun-backlit Macbook!


Don't get me wrong. The idea is as awesome as tempura hot dogs: Open a mirror magnetically attached to the the top lid, get the sun to illuminate the screen of your notebook. The result: A huge cut in power consumption and, even more important, perfect screen visibility under the sun.

How they could implement this without making your laptop look like a Mars rover? Only Dr. Hans Zarkov knows. Would you care that your laptop looked like a Mars rover? I know I won't, as long as I get two more hours of battery and could write at the beach. [Apple Insider]

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