The White House Brews Its Own Beer

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The President oversaw the elimination of Osama bin Laden and he asked the White House kitchen to begin brewing its own beer for parties? Remind me, how is it he's not a shoe-in for reelection?

Don't answer that. Focus on the beer.

Yes! It's true, dear readers (of which there must be a few home brewers amongst you, no?). President Obama, in his infinite wisdom, decided to buy some beer brewing equipment (with his own money) and started brewing batches of White House Honey Ale earlier this year for a Super Bowl party.


Small batches have continued to be brewed since that time, with the most notable recent consumption arriving when Medal of Honor recipient Marine Sgt. Dakota Meyer requested a beer with the president.

The brew kit is also notable because it is the first ever beer brewing operation in the White House. Lastly, since it's probably brewing in a few of your snarky minds: Homebrewing is 100% legal in Washington, D.C. [CBS]

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"(with his own money)"