The White House's New Website Uses Data to Compare Colleges

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The White House’s back-to-school present is a little different this year: a redesigned College Scorecard website that uses open data to help find you a school.

The site has a simple, clean design that lets you sort by things like size, location, and program, and then ranks the results for you. That’s where the good statistics comes in — colleges are ranked on the percentage of grads who earn more than high school grads, as well as things like annual cost, or salary after attending.

Click on a school, and you can break down information about costs, financial aid, and graduation rates. It’s not going to replace glossy college brochures advocating the Greek life, but as a more practical way to find a shortlist of worthwhile schools, it’s a good piece of design.


[College Scorecard via Engadget]

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Bum's Big Stick

It’s less about the school you attend than the degree you receive. Yes, going to an Ivy League is rarely anything but beneficial (I went to Columbia University), but even if you go to a small liberal arts school, just get a degree in something relevant. That’s all I can say. Don’t major in 18th century contemporary African art and complain that you can’t find a job.