The WISPR Vaporizer Looks Like a Retro Transistor Radio

Illustration for article titled The WISPR Vaporizer Looks Like a Retro Transistor Radio

There's an endless list of reasons why you should probably just quit smoking. But quitting isn't easy, so the WISPR promises to deliver everything you love about cigarettes, with a bit less of the stuff that could be killing you.


Thanks to design firms Thing Tank and Sequitur Creative, IOLITE's WISPR vaporizer looks like a retro-riffic transistor radio from yesteryear. But inside it packs a butane burner and a compartment for holding pipe tobacco. The IOLITE website actually suggests the use of "other herbs" here because everyone knows you look way cooler smoking tobacco from a pipe. And, let's be frank, there's only one type of smoker who's going to spend hundreds of dollars on a device like this.

Once filled with both fuel and your leaves of choice, you light the WISPR and wait for it to heat up to 374 degrees. At that temperature the tobacco is heated instead of burned, producing a vapor that's inhaled through a pop-up straw. Still not healthy but also less un-healthy, as the process reduces the amount of toxins you're taking in. Available in five very appealing colors for about $280. [WISPR via Wired]



This article seems a little self-censoring - Giz is usually more open when discussing cannabis usage.