The golden arches holds a special place in most American's hearts (or waistlines). The Big Mac, the Chicken Nuggets, the French Fries—they're all in your face delicious and define McDonald's better than Ronald ever could. But McDonald's overseas get to enjoy more than just the ordinary greatness, they have wonderful menu items like poutine and green tea McFlurrys and Spam and spaghetti too.

Most of the menu items at international McDonald's are no longer a secret. I've dreamt many a nights of eating McDonald's cheese katsu and Ebi Filet-O. McDonald's should just introduce these items every now and again like they do the McRib—I'm sure people who haven't eaten McDonald's for years would cross the golden arches for a taste of the McSpaghetti. Here are a few crazy menu items that McDonald's have served in one delicious infographic:


What do you want to eat the most? [Medical Insurance via BuzzFeed]