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The World's Biggest Hard Drive Is Now Ten TB, Not Eight

Illustration for article titled The Worlds Biggest Hard Drive Is Now Ten TB, Not Eight

If you thought 8 TB was plenty, think again. Western Digital just announced that it has added a 10 TB hard drive to its HelioSeal product line.


The drive, which hermetically seals helium in order to reduce internal friction and power use, runs about 5 degrees cooler than today's 7,200 rpm drives. Sealing air out of the drive also keeps humidity and other contaminants from getting in. By using helium instead of air, Western Digital was able to stack 7 platters and drastically reduce power usage, says Computer World.

And unlike Seagate's 8 TB drive, which will ship next quarter, WD's drive starts shipping today. [Computer World]


Top image: Computer World

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