The World's Fastest Handsfree Typist Is a Quadriplegic

This is so cool. Hank Torres is paralyzed from the shoulder down but with the use of Swype and a head tracking device he was able to set the Guinness World Record for fastest hands free typing.


Here's the event organizer explaining Hank's situation:

Hank damaged his spinal cord between the 4th and 5th cervical vertebrae making him a "C4-5 quad". "From the shoulders down" means the nervous system below that point on his spine isn't connected. He thankfully has some control of his arms, but no feeling or control in his hands, making it impossible to type. Thus the need for a hands-free system.

I think as much as we try to advance technologically, we shouldn't marry ourselves to the old ways of doing things. Thinking outside the box, like what Swype does, is just as important because sometimes it can really change the game. Congrats Hank. [YouTube via Android Central]



I'm not so surprised that he could raise his arms (the article mentioned that he has some control of his arms) but I was surprised by how his arm motions and such gave almost no indication of his disability. They looked pretty natural.