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The World's First 8K TV Will Cost $133,000

Next month, Sharp will put the world’s first 8K TV on sale. You may not have to take too long in considering a purchase, though — as it will cost an eye-watering $133,000.


Technically the world’s first production 8K TV, the LV-85001 boasts an 85-inch screen stuffed with 7680 x 4320 pixels. That’s 104 pixels per inch, even across a huge display area. Sharp claims the screen’s contrast ratio is 100,000:1 and that it has a viewing angle of 176 degrees.

All very impressive, though finding things to watch on it that make use of the specs may be a little tricky. While it does come with a TV tuner built in, you’ll have to wait before it receives any 8K content that way — the first broadcast test won’t happen until next year.


The TV will go on sale to Japanese business customers from October 31st. It will cost ¥16 million, or $133,000. Alternatively, you could buy an apartment or a car.

[Sharp via AV Watch via Verge]

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