The World's Most Expensive Lego Is A $14,500 Solid Gold Brick

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With all the insane, high tech Lego contraptions running around these days, it's easy to overlook the beauty in a single, elemental brick — unless that element is solid, 14-carat gold.


These standard-sized, 2x4 Lego bricks were only given out once or twice a year from 1979-1981. Even then, only select business partners and Lego employees clocking in 25 years of employment had a chance of getting their hands on these rarest of accolades.

But thanks to the internet, these bricks aren't just restricted to Lego legends anymore. Anyone (with $14,500 to burn) can buy their very own, shimmering block from Brick Envy, an online store that has somehow found one in their possession.

This particular brick's origins remain a mystery. So for whoever does end up being the lucky buyer, hopefully the bright, shiny object will be enough to keep away thoughts of the mysterious fate of its original master. [CNET]

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Jeweler and small scale casting aficionado here:

We've cast TONS of Lego bricks in various metals over the years. The plastic provides very clean burn outs and incredible detail, and best of all, does not deform during the burnout process. We've done silver and gold Lego bricks before. Not a difficult process by any imagination.

One fellow in the studio made his fiance an engagement ring with two Lego studs on top, as she was such a huge fan of them.

Really failing to see how this clocks in at $14,000. It's a small amount of metal per brick, so even with the inflated price of gold, that brick pictured is at a HUGE premium.