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The World's Smallest Chameleon Fits on a Fingertip

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Chameleons are famous for changing color in order to blend in with their surroundings. This little guy doesn't really need to, though; at just an inch long he's the smallest chameleon in the world.

Discovered on a small islet just off Madagascar, this tiny reptile is one of a new species called Brookesia micra, reports the Daily Mail. It's thought to be one of the smallest reptiles on the planet — and is definitely the smallest chameleon.


Ted Townsend, of San Diego State University, who is genetically testing the little critter, told the Daily Mail: "Their size suggests that chameleons might have evolved in Madagascar from small and inconspicuous ancestors, quite unlike the larger and more colorful chameleons most familiar to us today." Regardless of how it got here, I could look at it all day. [Daily Mail; Image: Animal Press/Barcroft Media]