The World's Smallest Perplexus Puzzle Looks Like a Nightmare To Solve

The makers of those spherical Perplexus maze puzzles are masters at driving you to the brink of insanity. And now they’ve gone and created an even faster way to frustrate you with a miniature four-inch version of their original maze sphere requiring an even steadier hand to solve.


The World’s Smallest Playable Perplexus is actually a bit of a misnomer because ‘playable’ implies you’re going to have an enjoyable time with it. When in reality, after about five minutes you’ll probably be ready to whip it at the wall. And that’s even easier now that the spherical maze is about the size of a softball. Convenient, right?

You can get one from sites like Vat19 or Amazon for about $10, but it might be better idea to get two if you’re one of those short temper types. [Super Impulse]

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