The World's Smallest Trailer Can Be Pulled By a Scooter

The QTvan is the perfect trailer for those who ride mobility scooters. Okay fine, those who ride electric scooters probably don't need a trailer but what if I told you the trailer fit a full size bed, 19-inch TV, a mini mini bar and follows you wherever you go? Yeah, I'd be sold too.

It costs a little over 9 grand and was made by the Environmental Transport Association (ETA) in Britain to give people who use electric scooters a hideaway to rest in case their scooters break down. I'm being completely serious! Here's what they said:

"An increasing number of people rely on mobility scooters, but if you develop a fault or run out of battery power and don't have breakdown cover – or a tiny caravan in tow – your only options are to push something that weighs the equivalent of two men all the way home or call on a relative with a large car."


All I know is I love how there's a drink cabinet in there. The Brits who made this got their priorities straight: Bed, TV and dranks. What's more to life? [ETA via NOTCOT]

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