Coaster enthusiasts are always on the hunt for their next big thrill, and come 2016 they may be drawn back to Orlando. That's when the Skyplex complex is set to open, featuring the world's tallest roller coaster wrapped around its 570-foot tall tower.

The Polercoaster—as it will be known—is part of a larger 495,000 square foot complex that will include restaurants, shopping, and other attractions. But the star will certainly be the coaster, which hits a top speed of 65 miles per hour and gives thrill-seekers a three minute ride along its 5,200 feet of track.


It's reminiscent of the roller coaster that used to sit atop the Stratosphere in Las Vegas. But the Polercoaster will instead climb and descend the structure, giving riders a great view of Orlando on the way up, as well as on the way down—if they can keep their eyes open. [Skyplex via Gizmag]

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