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Disney's Latest Theme Park Ride Movie Is Big Thunder Mountain

The Hawkeye and Our Flag Means Death directors are set to take us on "wildest ride in the wilderness"

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Bert and Bertie on Hawkeye Red Carpet/Big Thunder Mountain Sunset
Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer (Getty Images), Screenshot: Disney Parks (Getty Images)

Unexpected how suddenly the prospect of a Big Thunder Mountain movie has gone from intriguing to very, very much having our attention. Thanks to quite the exciting attachment of Bert and Bertie, who Deadline reports have hopped aboard the train for their take on the classic Disney Parks attraction.

This is why we’re excited: Bert and Bertie covered satirical takes on period pieces in The Great and Our Flag Means Deathtwo shows which take past eras and infuse them with hilarious interpretations not just through story but visually. That’s definitely going to be something that a pioneer centered tale, which Big Thunder Mountain will likely be, needs! Bert and Bertie have a signature flair for that, and they’re amazing action directors. They did that incredible one shot car chase in Hawkeye, among the Marvel Studios series’ strongest moments.


Since the ride itself is a coaster with a loose Westward Expansion story that goes through a mine with bat filled crystal caverns, critter encounters, thrilling choo-choo fun, dino bones with a dynamite finale—I have faith this could live up to it’s tagline as “the wildest ride in the wilderness” with Bert and Bertie at the helm. Just don’t forget the Goat from the ride! We would love a big screen moment for the ride’s icon and true star.

In the meantime you can ride Big Thunder Mountain at Disney Parks worldwide.

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