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The Worst Gadget Ripoff I've Seen Today

Illustration for article titled The Worst Gadget Ripoff Ive Seen Today

Allow me to introduce the Hi-Pod phone. It comes with a one-inch LCD display, FM radio support, and an imitation iPod clickwheel stuck onto a hideously clunky chunk of plastic. It's $85 and doesn't work in the US or Canada.


If for whatever reason this piece of junk appeals to you, you can order it straight from China Grabber's vaguely shady-looking website, but I would suggest that you use the money to get your head examined instead. [ChinaGrabber via PMP via Uber Gizmo via Dvice]

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I wish products like this were easily available in the United States. I have always wanted to have gifts like this ready for fat people who have not bathed since the cretaceous period who sit next to me on six hour plane flights. Those are my favorite times, and this would be an engaging conversation piece. #hipodphone