The X-Men Could Finally Wear Their Comic Costumes In X-Men Apocalypse

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And Jennifer Lawrence says she would be open to returning as Mystique in future X-Men films. Daniel Craig denies a Force Awakens cameo. Plus, a crucial Game of Thrones character returns for season six, learn more about Westworld, and Bryan Fuller talks Hannibal’s future. Spoilers Now!


X-Men: Apocalypse

Stan Lee has confirmed he’s filmed a cameo for the film:

I did a cameo for the next ‘X-Men’ movie... When you go see the next ‘X-Men’ movie when it comes out, and see my fantastic cameo, you will say, ‘I remember he told me about it here’. It’s a different cameo in that it has one additional thing in it.

[Business Insider]

Bryan Singer discusses the evolution of the film’s costumes, hinting that the movie will see the X-Team get costumes much closer to their comic-book looks:

The X-Men are sort of a fighting team, so it was always an attempt at being realistic to have them in fighting uniforms, flight suits, things like that. In ‘X-Men: First Class,’ which I produced and wrote the story for, we hark back to the original colors of the original costumes from the 1963 comics. I will say that in ‘X-Men: Apocalypse,’ there is a chance -without giving anything away- that you may get closer to seeing what I think you are interested in seeing. I know its something that I’ve been interested in, I just always wanted to do it the right way.

[Coming Soon]

Meanwhile, although Apocalyse is Jennifer Lawrence’s final contracted film in the franchise, the actress has said she’d be open to returning as Mystique:

I think so, I want to. I want them to ask me and then I’ll see how I feel in the moment when they ask. It might not make sense to a lot of people, but I feel like I’ll know when they ask. If I get a pit in my stomach and I feel like I’m going to throw up, I’ll say no. If I don’t, then I’ll ask how much they’ll pay me. I don’t have everything nailed down like Fassbender! I work more with stomachaches and numbers.



An image of Storm and Apocalypse from the recent SDCC footage has made its way online [H/T Jason Dunda]


Splinter Cell

Frank John Hughes has been brought in to draft the script for the adaptation of the video game espionage series. [/Film]


Doctor Strange

In an interview with Screen Crush, Tilda Swinton has confirmed that she will indeed play the Ancient One in the movie:

I just really liked the premise of this and the idea of playing this character. I’m a Marvel fan and I think this particular world that Doctor Strange goes into is really, really, really exciting. I’m really interested as both an actor and a fan to see what’s done in this particular world. It’s all about creativity. It’s not about everything exploding at the end. It’s about something very different. The idea of playing The Ancient One is really just too tickling. I can’t say no to that!


Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Daniel Craig has vehemently denied rumors that he has a minor cameo in the film:

Why would I ever bother doing something like that? Fucking hell! Pffft. Play an extra in another movie? Talk to Simon Pegg. He obviously knows way more than I do. He’s just jealous because he’s not in Star Wars. He’s got some issue with J.J. I don’t know what the fuck it is. You need to talk to Simon about it.


Except now that we know Simon Pegg has a role in the film, there’s a chance Craig is just trying to disperse the rumor with feigned ignorance. [/Film]

Game of Thrones

Isaac Hempstead Wright has confirmed that Bran Stark will appear in Season Six. [EW]



Bryan Fuller discusses the show’s chances following its cancellation:

We are still looking. We don’t have a lot of answers. We’re looking at the possibility of a feature,” Fuller said, a comment which was met with an overwhelming applause. “Hugh and Mads are very committed to the show and would love to continue. The way this season ends there may be an opportunity for a little break and then, hopefully, we’ll find a way to bring Mads and Hugh back to you. Netflix has passed, and they couldn’t do it because of the amazon streaming. Amazon would have like to have done it, but they would have liked to have done it very quickly. I wanted to be able to get all the scripts in advance before we started shooting a fourth season. Their desire to put it on immediately was just impossible to do for us.


[Film School Rejects]

Westworld TV series

Eion Bailey, Clifton Collins, Jr. and Babbett Knudsen have joined the cast. Bailey will play Logan, a veteran visitor to the futuristic titular Western theme park, Collins Jr. will play Lawrence, “a charming but lethal outlaw”, while Knudsen will replace Miranda Otto as Theresa.


[TV Line]

Doctor Who

The 2014-2015 Annual Report for BBC Worldwide has confirmed that Doctor Who has been renewed for a 10th season.


Hotel Transylvania

A TV show about the animated movie series is in development, and will allegedly follow Dracula’s daughter Mavis during her teen years. [Coming Soon]


World War III

Bryan Singer and Spike TV are collaborating on a new series about the start of a third World War following a popular revolution. [CBR]


The Vampire Diaries

Justice Leak has been cast as Malcolm in the series:



ABC Family has commissioned a second season of the show. [Spoiler TV]

Dark Matter

Finally, Marcus encounters a mysterious woman who seemingly knows him in this clip from Episode 7:

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Tilda is going to own that movie. I'm not a huge fan of Ganglebatch Cumberdink but that doesn't even matter now.