The Xbox One Could Soon Stream TV Straight to Your Phone

Just a few months ago, Microsoft pushed out an update that lets you use your phone or tablet as a remote for your TV thanks to Xbox's SmartGlass app. Soon, it'll let you use your phone or tablet as a TV, with live streaming straight to your pocket.


The new update, which will allow users to sling their live TV content to any device with a SmartGlass app (regardless of what the Xbox One itself is doing at the time), is only for select, non-US markets for the time being—specifically, the UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain. Not coincidentally, these markets are also getting a Xbox One TV Tuner peripheral, which lets the Xbox One work its set-top box magic by pulling down a signal directly, no cable box required.

The update also includes things like a new "Friends" section, a Boot-to-TV option, and the ability to stream media from an attached USB stick or (later this year) a DLNA-enabled device on your home network. The update will start rolling out to users in different stages next month. And hopefully, this TV streaming hotness will arrive in the US soon. [Xbox Wire]

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