The Xperia Pureness Is Just Several Steps from Invisible

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Points for being different, I guess. Sony Ericsson's Xperia Pureness spruces up an otherwise ordinary phone with an extraordinary, clear LCD.

We have no details other than its "talk, text, time" theme and what we can('t) see: the Xperia is a no-frills candybar with a transparent, monochrome LCD screen.

You'll notice that in the video, the black buttons aren't even labeled with numbers. I actually prefer this absurdly minimal design to the still product render, however impractical, as it takes a phone designed purely to be striking and makes it even more striking.


The Pureness will be available in unspecified but select cities this November. And while I can resist the gimmick this time around, the first 100% transparent phone, no matter how crappy it may be, will be rewarded with my highly sought $300 w/ 2-year contract. [Sony Ericsson via unwired view via MobileCrunch]

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