There Are 10 Million People in China Using iPhones on 2G

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Like a premature bird with stunted wings, the original iPhone's 2G suckiness was a real sore spot in smartphone history. The hardware was great, yeah, but the speed sucked. And yet, 10 million Chinese iPhone owners still ride EDGE. Blech.


Reuters reports China Mobile—which has no official deal with Apple, unlike, say, AT&T and Verizon—has 10 million iPhone-wielding customers. That's a lot of iPhone customers! Except no version of the iPhone supports China Mobile's 3G network, leaving all ten milli stuck at speeds just above dialup. There's always Wi-Fi, sure, but my god. It's not Apple's fault—and not really China Mobile's either, if people are bringing unlocked, unsupported handsets to the party. Plus, China Mobile says Apple's promised an LTE version for them, someday. But it's sure as hell a testament to Apple doing something right in China if ten million humans are willing to endure EDGE in 2011. [Reuters via Cult of Mac]



I bet at least half of the iPhone users there have them for status reasons. All about face.