There are few things goofier than the girl from The Ring, kaiju-sized

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To promote the upcoming installment of The Ring saga, Sadako 3D, advertisers have been driving a giant version of scary videotape girl Sadako Yamamura around the Shibuya neighborhood in Tokyo. Behold a movie monster that has absolutely no business being the size of an ice cream truck.

To get slightly autobiographical for a moment, years ago a sketch comedy troupe I was involved with wrote a sketch called "Big Vampire," wherein we examined how the Dracula legend loses its sexiness, subtlety, and overall luster when a vampire is the size of the Chrysler Building. So yes, this truck advertisement is giving me flashbacks to both A.) that skit; and B.) my schematics for a C.H.U.D.-themed Thanksgiving Day Parade float I submitted to Macy's years ago (never heard back about that).

Also, the Sadako 3D public relations team deserves a slap on the back for cobbling together the most awesomely oddball ad campaign in recent memory.


Just check out the Ringu street performers at left and this hilarious baseball game promotion. Evil girls who live in VHS cassettes — they're just like us!


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BONUS #2: Eddie Murphy, the progenitor of awkward truck advertising.

[Via Fearnet and Bi-Furious/Reddit]