There Are Now Lego Astronauts Aboard The ISS

These aren't the first pieces of Lego to break the surly bonds of gravity, but they're some of the coolest - as part of New Year celebrations aboard the ISS, the current crew of station were gifted three custom-made Astronaut figures.

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The figures aren't even the first to be sent to the station (there were minifigures as part of the shipment of Lego Cady Coleman had sent to the ISS in 2011 for educational purposes, the first Lego to go to the ISS) but they're still pretty awesome. The three figures depict three current members of the crew - Samantha Cristoforetti, Terry Virts and mission commander Anton Shkaplerov - and are covered in mission-accurate badges and details to get them as close to accurate as possible. After all, a Lego astronaut has to look the part for their first mission to Space!


The minifigures were commissioned privately and made by custom minifigure designers, and now sit on named baseplates velcroed to a Station surface, so they don't get lost floating around. Best of luck to the new plastic crew of the ISS!


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