There Is No Spork

Spanish photographer Chema Madoz doesn't like digital photography, but he loves to warp reality in impossible ways. Like this spoon with a fork shadow, which is a straight photo, with no Photoshop or laboratory manipulation whatsoever.

Madoz's world ties directly into the work of surrealist artists like Dalí and Duchamp. He doesn't like digital photography because, as he says, he needs to manipulate reality directly, not through Photoshop. He first creates his strange objects. Then, he just photographs them using film, in the most simplistic and clean way possible. The result are windows into alternative dimensions that often carry a message and they are always beautiful.


Click to viewHow do you think he created this spork? Make your guess in the comments. The answer is simpler than you think. [Chema Madoz via El Mundo]

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