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There’s Something Super Eerie About Watching Thunderstorms Unfold in Black and White

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Looking for a good reason to justify spending thousands of dollars on a gigantic 8K TV? Look no further than storm chaser Mike Olbinski’s latest timelapse, Breathe. It’s not only the first to be edited in full, eye-slapping 8K resolution, it’s also been edited in black and white, making the brewing storms Olbinski captured feel especially unsettling.

There’s always been something haunting to me about old black and white movies, which is why I refuse to watch the start and end of The Wizard of Oz, or really anything made before Technicolor became a fad. While Olbinski’s full-color storm timelapses often look like beautiful paintings come to life, Breathe feels more like the apocalypse is nigh, which is maybe more appropriate for 2018?