There's a Cookbook Starring Tech Startup Weirdos Because Not Even Food Is Safe

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Hey kids! Get down here. We made Mrs. Zuckerberg's famous eggnog cinnamon chip scones! That's an example of something you could say in your own home but never will. Because you're never going to buy The Startup Chef, a collection of beloved recipes from tech entrepreneurs and their families. Just in time for the holidays, y'all.


Find out just how the mother of Foursquare's Dennis Crowley came up with her world-renowned sausage soup in the 247-page book, which includes 75 recipes and the harrowing stories behind them. You can get it in e-book form or as a PDF for a minimum donation of $10. The good part is that 97 percent of the proceeds go to two anti-hunger charities: No Kid Hungry and Rockaway Plate Lunch, which helps Hurricane Sandy victims. You could also just donate directly to these charities.

If you do happen to buy the book out of some weird masochistic determinist worldview, you could make chocolate chip cookies just like investor Fred Wilson and his better half Joann. Or prepare double marinated fillet of beef the way Spotify founder Daniel Ek does it. At least all the recipes share the same flavor profile: entitled, with a hint of obnoxious. [New York Times]

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I wouldn't consider the start-up crowd to be part of the entitled crowd.