There's A Galaxy Quest TV Show In The Works

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Because everything you ever loved is coming back again (except Firefly), the 1999 comedy Galaxy Quest may be getting a second life, this time as a TV series. So who gets to play ersatz Captain Kirk this time?

Details are scant, but Deadline is reporting that Paramount has a Galaxy Quest series in development. It’s joining School of Rock, Shutter Island, Minority Report, and Shooter as the latest movie property that Paramount is looking to adapt for the small screen. Galaxy Quest is one of our all-time scifi comedies here at io9, about a group of actors on a cancelled Star Trek-like show who are mistaken by real space heroes by an alien race and drafted into their war against an evil warlord.


There could be some fun new avenues to explore in a Galaxy Quest TV series, but we can help but wonder: who could step into Tim Allen’s boots or, more importantly, Alan Rickman’s prosthetics?

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