There's Already a Wireless Controller For Nintendo's Tiny New Console

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The adorable NES Classic Edition won’t be available for another week, but there’s already a wireless replacement for the tiny console’s included tethered controller because as much as we all love retro authenticity, we’ve learned to despise wires when it comes to gaming.

Nyko’s Miniboss features the same button layout as the NES Classic Edition’s controller, but includes a wireless adapter that plugs into one of the two ports on the front of the console. It gives players a range of about 30 feet, which is considerably farther than the wire on the included controller lets you roam.


It will set you back $20, or about twice as much as what Nintendo will be selling the wired classic controller for. But having had wireless controllers on consoles for decades now, you’ll probably find yourself getting tired of dealing with cords again real fast.