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There's less Gears, more Bricks in these cool Steampunk Lego Creations

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Love it or loathe it, Steampunk is an alluring aesthetic to turn to for creating wacky and wonderful looking inventions - and in this new book by Lego builder Guy Himber there's plenty to enjoy, with not a superfluous cog in sight. There's a lot of plastic bricks though.

Header Image: The cover of the book, featuring the Golden Empress, by Guy Himber. All images credited to Guy Himber unless otherwise stated.


(Okay, there are some gears, but a lot less than you would expect!)

The book, obviously titled Steampunk Lego, features the creations of multiple Lego builders alongside much of Himber's own work, tailored around the story of a fictional associate of Queen Victoria, Sir Herbert Jobson, as he travels the globe documenting eclectic pieces of steampunky tech for the British Empire. But what you're really here is for some of the wonderfully artistic Lego displays:


The Wunderkammer

Checkered Airship, by Mike Psiaki


HMS Moondreams's Voyage to the Moon

Sure, they're no Steampunk-Lego-Star Wars models, but they're still lovely all the same.


Steampunk Lego is due out next month for $30.

All images provided by No Starch Press.

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