It's supposed to be a beverage that you slowly slip and savor, but once you've brewed a cup of tea it's a race against the clock—and thermodynamics—to enjoy it while it's hot. A thick ceramic mug helps with that problem, but even better is the double-walled insulated engineering that went into Thermos' new tea tumblers.


Thermos claims its new insulated cups can dramatically slow the cooling process, and a cup of tea that's poured at a piping 160 degrees fahrenheit would only cool to about 120 degrees an hour later with the lid left on, or about 100 degrees with it off. Available exclusively in Japan right now they sell for about $30, so if you feel your tea deserves the best, expect to pay a little more than that if you're hoping to import one. [Thermos Japan via RocketNews24 via Foodbeast]