These Are the Best Internet Service Providers

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If you're looking for the fastest, most reliable internet service provider, here you have the ranking of all the major ISPs in the United States. It's actual, real world performance—compiled by Netflix from all its customer data: 30 million members watching 1 billion hours of movie content every month.


That's a lot of data, so you can be sure this is a reliable classification. The best is Google Fiber. According to Netflix, "Google Fiber is now the most consistently fast ISP in America, according to actual user experience on Netflix streams in November." It is not surprising, considering how much bandwidth the Mountain View company is hogging and how new its network is.

Other findings:

  • Cable works better than DSL.
  • AT&T U-verse—a hybrid fiber-DSL service—is much worse than pure Verizon Fios fiber.
  • Verizon mobile has 40% higher performance than AT&T mobile.

Netflix points out that this ranking should be representative of the average end user experience, meaning that it takes into account all kinds of devices, home networks (wireless or not) and video encoding combinations.

They will publish this ranking every month in their blog. I doubt there will be much change month to month but it's good to know they are keeping the pulse on ISP real world performance.

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This is one aspect where I believe in "socialism". I think like highways, the government should provide the infrastructure and companies should pay rent and differentiate based on the services they offer. Right now EVERY ISP has to build infrastructure to your house, or be partnered with someone that does, which is essentially like UPS and Fedex having to build their own highway system to send packages. Our current methodology for cell phone service and internet service is expensive and inefficient.