These are the new 2015 Lego Technic sets

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Milan Reindl and Markus Kossmann from the Lego Technic design team have put up a few videos showcasing the newest sets. These designer videos are a great way to see what's new with Technic and help you decide which of the 2015 sets that you want to purchase before you get to the store.

Cherry Picker (42031) - $12.99 - 155 pieces

Compact Tracked Loader (42032) - $19.99 - 252 pieces

Mining Truck (42035) - $29.99 - 362 pieces

Street Motorcycle (42036) - £29.99 - 375 pieces - This set is not available in the United States yet but should be hitting shelves very soon.

Formula Off-Roader (42037) - $59.99 - 494 pieces

Arctic Truck (42038) - $84.99 - 913 pieces

24 Hours Race Car (42039) - £99.99 - 1219 pieces - This set is also not yet available in the United States. I have obviously been lusting after this thing for a while now. Hopefully, it should show up on shelves before summer.

Record Breaker (42033) and Quad Bike (42034) - both $19.99 - 125 and 148 pieces - Milan and Markus did not make a designer video for these two sets, but they are currently available. There is, however, a promotional video for these and the above Formula Off-Roader (42037).

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