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These Are the Secret Sounds of All Your Electronics

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We all know the telltale hum of a computer's fan kicking on, or the barely-there buzz of flourescent lights. But even the most whisper-quiet devices are singing their little songs of daily life; you just can't hear them. At least not without some help.

Redditor TheDanielHolt took to uncovering some of these tuneless tunes, and while some are just a subtle buzz, and some are not technically "sound" but rather magnetic interference, the whines and pops are more dynamic than you might think. He describes his setup this way:

[I used] a 600D with kit lens, A Sony F-V5 mic, and a Mixer (Vivanco MX 800). The mic went into the mixer and the mixer was connected to the 600D's mic in port, essentially using the mixer as an extremely powerful pre-amp. Just to give you an idea of how powerful, the 600D was on the second lowest audio level.


It's a damn good thing we don't have to listen to this sort of stuff all the time, but it's definitely neat to hear the clamor our teched-up lives make around us, just beyond the reach of our puny human ears. [Reddit]